Uber Driver Requirements – Driving For Uber

Driver Requirements – Become Uber Driver
Anybody can drive with Uber, although there are a few minimum requirements: Be at least 21 years of age. Have at least one year of driving experience in the U.S. (3 years if you are under 23 years old) Have a valid U.S. driver’s license. Use an eligible 4-door vehicle.

Driver requirements
How to drive with Uber

Uber Driver is a great way to be your own boss and earn extra cash. Most folks are eligible to drive on the Uber driver platform—here’s what you need to know.

Minimum requirements

  • Anybody can drive with Uber, although there are a few minimum requirements:
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have at least one year of driving experience in the U.S. (3 years if you are under 23 years old)
  • Have a valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Use an eligible 4-door vehicle
  • Required uber driver documents
  • Before hitting the road, share the following documentation:
  • A valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Proof of vehicle registration
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Uber Driver screening
  • After signing up, take a few minutes to start a screening online. It’ll review your driving record and criminal history.

    Hit the road
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    Tell us about yourself and your car. Vehicle requirements vary by region, so we’ll show you what’s needed.


    Share required documents
    Uber needs copies of your license, registration, proof of insurance, and some information for a screening.

    Uber Sign Up Bonus For New Uber Drivers

    uber sign up bonus

    Drivers have to give at least one ride every 30 days, but other than that drivers are free to drive as much or as seldom as they wish. To receive your retroactive new Uber driver sign up bonus check out this article on how to claim your retroactive bonus in just 3 minutes, and expedite the process before the 15 day limit runs out.

    Uber wants drivers to sign up so they are running special promotions right now that encourage you to sign up! If you enter one of our Uber driver promo codes, you will receive cash as a new Uber sign up bonus for drivers! Depending on your city, you will have to take a set number of trips. The Uber bonus also requires completing a set numbers of trips in their first 30 days, like the Lyft bonus. I ended up leasing a car through Uber Xchange leasing, and finally got the car Friday and started driving Saturday. New Uber drivers can capitalize on the company’s rapid expansion plan by utilizing our exclusive uber sign up bonus for new drivers at signup for a cash bonus just for signing up! Meant to get more drivers on the road, the Uber driver promo code is input at signup and paid out after a set number of rides is reached. I had to set the idea aside for a few weeks while I made vehicle arrangements. The Uber bonus typically pays out in the next statement after you complete the necessary trips.

    If you recently signed up for Uber within the last several weeks, and did not use another drivers referral promo code or promo link, there is a good chance you may still qualify for the new uber sign up bonus. Do you know what Uber considers “active on the platform”? I was hopeful that maybe I could convince someone at uber to give me the bonus retroactively, since I was officially approved only a few days ago. Most drivers are part time and we have found that a great deal of parents are turning to Uber as a way to earn extra income on the side. I created a partner account, but mistakenly did not use the link he sent me. I’ve contacted support, but I’m not so sure how far I’ll get with it. Uber will allow a new driver to receive a retroactive sign up bonus if a claim is filed within 15 days of being approved as a new driver. However, you must be referred by a current Uber driver in good standing. Just see the chart below!

    A friend referred me for a uber sign up bonus of $250 each. I’m driving because my friend referred me – and I want that bonus!. With the crazy number of Uber driver promo codes being given out, growth is staggering. In addition, the typical Uber bonus for new drivers are often very competitive compared to Lyft so always consider signing up for Uber for the Uber bonus after signing up for Lyft. Make sure to only attempt to drive for one sign up bonus at one time. However this is easy to do and most drivers receive their Uber signup bonus for new drivers in about three weeks. I would recommend you sign up for Lyft, get approved, and then sign up for Uber afterwards to get the Uber sign up bonus.

    There are many reasons why people sign up to drive with Uber, but the most attractive reason being drivers work flexible hours. It dawned on me that I hadn’t seen anything about my friend’s referral code, and now it looks I can’t get a bonus for either of us. I have helped many new drivers who missed their bonus get one after they already started driving. Use one of our Uber driver bonus codes to receive yours now!

    You can sign up for Uber and get up to $500 in Uber sign up bonus. You may be trying to drive for the Lyft bonus but then not get enough trips for the Uber bonus. We have seen this required number of trips between 10 and 50, but in most cities this number is around 30.

    New Uber Sign Up Bonus For Drivers

    Part time driving for uber

    Uber Ridesharing: The Perfect Part-Time Job?

    Is driving for Uber perfect? Of course not. All part-time jobs come with their share of unfortunate details and events, and anyone who works for someone else has to accept the fact that things don’t always go as planned.

    Still, it’s hard to think of another part-time gig that allows you to choose your own hours, work as much (or as little) as you want, take weeks off at a time without asking permission, and easily pull in decent money.

    Even better, rideshare companies like Uber will likely always be hiring drivers to drive for uber. And since you can pop in and out of the scene as your schedule allows, it seems like a shame to count out driving for Uber if you’re looking for a way to earn extra money. According to Paul carson, a.k.a. the Uber Driver Info site, you literally have nothing to lose if you decide to give driving for Uber a try.

    “One of the best parts of become a uber driver is that there really is no risk. You can get signed up to drive for uber very easily and be out on the road to drive for uber within a week or two picking up your first uber rider,” Paul Carson says. “If you end up hating driving for uber, there’s no obligation to drive for uber and very little initial investment.”

    In that respect, being a uber driver might just be the best part-time gig out there.

    Just remember to watch out for the pukers when you drive for uber.

    Have you ever considered driving for Uber or Lyft? Do you think becoming a driver for uber is a good way to pull in some part-time cash? Then become a uber driver.

    Drawbacks of Driving for Uber

    What Are the Drawbacks of Driving for Uber?

    Of course, no job is perfect, and that sentiment is true when it comes to being a uber driver as well.

    Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks of driving with uber is the relentless wear and tear on your vehicle that comes with driving strangers around at all hours of the day and night. And since Uber drivers work as independent contractors, many of uber driver expenses, such as gas and maintenance, need to be paid for out of their profits. But that’s not all.

    “The worst part about driving for Uber is the pukers,” says Paul Carson, who does much of his driving late at night when you can typically make the most money. “During those times driving for uber, you have a lot of intoxicated people that you’re transporting,” Paul Carson explains.

    And not everyone can hold their liquor. “I haven’t had anyone puke in my car yet but it does happen more often than you might think.”

    Paul Carson keeps vomit bags in the back for those that uber rider who need it and a trigger finger on the back window just in case, he says.

    There is also personal safety to consider: You’re allowing strangers to get into your car. However, you are in control of whether you want to pick up a uber rider. Riders must register through the app with personal and credit card information, and Uber asks drivers to rate uber riders just as riders rate their uber drivers; passengers with complaints get barred from the uber service.

    Thanks to the app’s cashless transactions, uber drivers aren’t carrying wads of cash and so aren’t typically prime theft targets. But some Uber drivers have been ambushed and robbed — after all, thieves know, drivers will at least have a smartphone on them.

    How Do You Get Paid To Drive With Uber

    How Do You Get Paid To Drive With Uber?

    One of the ways Uber simplifies the driving for uber process is by making the transaction cash-free. In fact, a Uber rider is required to register with a credit card when they sign up and use that card to pay for all of their uber rides — no exceptions allowed.

    But that money doesn’t go directly into the uber driver’s pocket immediately. The Uber app keeps track of each of its uber drivers’ earnings and pays them on a weekly basis via direct deposit.

    But while driving for uber will get uber driver paid in cash on a daily basis with ubers instant pay, they are still making their wages nonetheless. In fact, many people may see this feature as a benefit since the weekly payment is more likely to mimic a regular paycheck, and it eliminates any potential disagreements or awkwardness that could arise when money changes hands between uber rider and uber driver.

    How Much Do Uber Drivers Make

    How Much Do Uber Drivers Make?

    For the sake of comparison, let’s first look at the average salary of a taxi driver or chauffeur driver. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, taxi drivers and chauffeur drivers earned a median annual wage of $26,070 in 2015, or an hourly rate of $12.53. Even the top 10% of earners in the country didn’t do that much better. BLS data shows that the top earners in the industry made an average of $37,970, or $18.25 an hour, that same year. Ouch.

    Contrastingly, Uber drivers tend to make more than that. According to one interview Uber executives did with the Washington Post, UberX drivers in New York City can earn upwards of $90,000 a year. San Francisco uber drivers earned a cool $74,191 for a 40-hour work week.

    However, Uber has backpedaled on those estimates somewhat, and now claims that the average wage for its uber drivers in New York City is closer to $25 an hour. Some UberX drivers contend that, after gas and tolls are factored in, they are barely making minimum wage. Other surveys and reports suggest drive for uber earn about $19 to $21 an hour before gas and wear and tear on the vehicle are considered.

    Paul Carson, who drives near his home in Central Illinois, says he’s pretty happy to make $15 to $25 an hour on average driving for uber, although he has managed to make as much as $300 per night at times driving with uber. But those big money nights driving for uber aren’t really typical, says Paul.

    “Driving uber off-peak hours isn’t quite as lucrative due to some recent uber fare cuts, but there is still plenty of opportunity for part-time uber drivers like myself.”

    With plenty of years of experience under his belt, Carson now coaches other Uber drivers on how to maximize uber earnings with his second site, becomeauberdriver.com.

    Let Uber Know You’re Available

    How Do You Let Uber Know You’re Available?

    According to Paul Carson, Uber drivers notify Uber of their availability through the uber mobile app. Bored? Turn on your app. Too busy or sick of driving for uber? Turn uber app off.

    Just remembered that you need to earn a little extra this week? Turn your uber app on, for heaven’s sake, and keep it on.

    “You can log on any time you want, log off if you’re tired, take breaks or even do a long lunch if you want,” says Paul Carson.

    Obviously you won’t make any money when you’re not driving for uber, but the fact that you can opt in and out to drive with uber as your schedule permits makes driving for Uber a unique gig. And if you want to earn more, you have that choice. With Uber, you decide when you are available and ready for business.

    Benefits of Driving for Uber

    What Are the Benefits of Driving for Uber?

    “The best thing about driving for Uber is the ability to make a decent wage on your own schedule,” explained Paul Carson, who has driven for Uber since shortly after it launched in his home city of Peoria, IL.

    In fact, the drive for uber flexibility extends far beyond the hours you choose to work on any given week. Since you don’t have to make any sort of driving commitment, you can easily take time off for the big moments in your life as well, such as vacations, a wedding, the birth of a child, and more.

    “There aren’t many jobs that will let you take a month off if you’d like and then come back and start working again,” Paul Carson explained. “Alternatively, if I need some extra cash, I can just ramp up my driving with uber hours.”

    How Do You Become A Driver for Uber

    How Do You Become A Driver for Uber?

    Apply to become be a driver for Uber is as easy as visiting uber driver website to fill out any applicable forms and submitting to a criminal background check and vehicle inspection. And since uber is currently in growth mode, they are even offering new uber sign up bonuses of $50 to $500 or even $700 to new uber driver who complete at least 20 to 30 rides, depending on your city.

    And just because you don’t live in a huge or tech-savvy city like San Francisco, New York, or Las Vegas, don’t think you can’t drive for Uber. Uber is currently expanding globally and actively trying to spread ubers reach into markets of every shape and size.

    Although you do need to sign a contract to drive with Uber, it is essentially just a standard uber driver agreement.

    “You’re actually an independent contractor driving with Uber, so you’re free to work for other rideshare companies if you’d like,” such as competitor Lyft. “Many drivers do just that.”

    Rules Uber Have to become a uber driver

    What Rules Does Uber Have to become a uber driver?

    We’ve already covered the main requirements to become an uber driver – a smartphone and a decent ride. But those aren’t the only uber driver criteria.

    Uber has also implemented a scoring system that lets the uber rider rate their experience and leave feedback. And according to Uber, active Uber drivers must receive mostly good marks or else risk not driving for uber.

    “After every ride, passengers are able to rate uber drivers on a scale of 1 to 5, and that is another way to weed out bad uber drivers”. Currently, Uber asks that all uber drivers maintain an average of 4.6 across all of their uber rider reviews.

    In addition to those requirements, Uber also requires its uber driver to be 21 or over, and have no major accidents in the past few years, including DUIs. A clean driving record also helps, although a speeding ticket or two may not necessarily disqualify you from become an uber driver completely.