Rules Uber Have to become a uber driver

What Rules Does Uber Have to become a uber driver?

We’ve already covered the main requirements to become an uber driver – a smartphone and a decent ride. But those aren’t the only uber driver criteria.

Uber has also implemented a scoring system that lets the uber rider rate their experience and leave feedback. And according to Uber, active Uber drivers must receive mostly good marks or else risk not driving for uber.

“After every ride, passengers are able to rate uber drivers on a scale of 1 to 5, and that is another way to weed out bad uber drivers”. Currently, Uber asks that all uber drivers maintain an average of 4.6 across all of their uber rider reviews.

In addition to those requirements, Uber also requires its uber driver to be 21 or over, and have no major accidents in the past few years, including DUIs. A clean driving record also helps, although a speeding ticket or two may not necessarily disqualify you from become an uber driver completely.