How Do You Get Paid To Drive With Uber

How Do You Get Paid To Drive With Uber?

One of the ways Uber simplifies the driving for uber process is by making the transaction cash-free. In fact, a Uber rider is required to register with a credit card when they sign up and use that card to pay for all of their uber rides — no exceptions allowed.

But that money doesn’t go directly into the uber driver’s pocket immediately. The Uber app keeps track of each of its uber drivers’ earnings and pays them on a weekly basis via direct deposit.

But while driving for uber will get uber driver paid in cash on a daily basis with ubers instant pay, they are still making their wages nonetheless. In fact, many people may see this feature as a benefit since the weekly payment is more likely to mimic a regular paycheck, and it eliminates any potential disagreements or awkwardness that could arise when money changes hands between uber rider and uber driver.