become an uber driver

I have spoken to several Uber drivers and I have read some of the comments below touching how Uber play tricks with the app to get you to come out. Surge price areas are hard to get/find that Uber will turn off inrush once you get there. Then people have figured out how to get out of paying the surge reward. Here, Uber does admit double-tonguing but I spoke to the drivers and they told me Uber keeps the cumshaw! You do have real maintenance costs, and from what I have skilled, there are only 12 out of 50 states in America that shelter Uber because of legal issues. And the coverage is extremely expensive. Reality check: if you get in an contingency while driving Uber and you have no mercantile underwrite, you will be dropped from your insurance company, you will be sued by your passengers and the other coachman. HUGE risk! Accidents DO happen. Being court is not a and as serious as it gets. Also, for all the reasons you rehearse in your article about dealing with drunks, people getting in your cart with beverage, populate benefaction you negative ratings, taxes, etc. Uber is too big of a exposure for the receipts that is almost minimum wage. And then you are using your car that is worth thousands to do it. I would never work a minimum wage job second-hand my own car! Also, if Uber was such a great assembly why are so many cities in America getting rid of or suing Uber? See Austin,TX and the state of Pennsylvania, etc. Did I mention soaked the worth. Uber put on so many cars they don’t care if you, the driver, make money or not. They fully saturated the market with vehicles and it’s not always, failure after trip! I have skilled Uber drivers sit for an hour or two with no trip. This happens in every market. Get willing for the Uber mendacious money pit trap. If you duty for Uber you are setting yourself up for failure.

Uber will only cover an accident if you have an Uber wayfarer and the accident is not your fault and the other driver is uninsured. Still they suit you to grant through your insurance first and if your insurance gives grievance, that’s when Uber’s policy will kick in with the 1000 dollar deductible. Your insurance company may drop you for not disclosing as a walk-share mallet. It is also at this point Uber will deactivate you until proved who is at vice. Once you have driven for Uber protracted enough you will see there suspicious strategy revealed. They flog what is actually taken from every journey and only show you your portion of the cut and their 20-25% gash. Uber no longer utter their complete dock with taxes and robber pay which at a non-away and short trip can be 60% after the rate cuts of Jan 2016. I have stamp of this. They also try to make you pay taxes for the treatise fee which you do not see any of. This can unite up to thousands you have to payment taxes on a year if not knowledgeable of and don’t deduct. I have had surges at 4.8 set that did not add up to the correct fare amount. I have question about this and they say I need a screen shot of the swing amount which is only perceptible during the skip and does not appear when I draft trip reports after trip is done (Shady). Also the Uber iPhone s4 they send you does not have sift guess capabilities. Hmm, wonder why that is? Surge stealing peradventure! Uber become millions stealing from drivers everyday and hides behind and crime their own improved technology. They know they can get away with simply culpability it on a bug if ever brought up. Watch out! Uber is a isgrin in fleece’s cloth. They legitimately are predictors food on the infirm and modest!