How Do You Become A Driver for Uber

How Do You Become A Driver for Uber?

Apply to become be a driver for Uber is as easy as visiting uber driver website to fill out any applicable forms and submitting to a criminal background check and vehicle inspection. And since uber is currently in growth mode, they are even offering new uber sign up bonuses of $50 to $500 or even $700 to new uber driver who complete at least 20 to 30 rides, depending on your city.

And just because you don’t live in a huge or tech-savvy city like San Francisco, New York, or Las Vegas, don’t think you can’t drive for Uber. Uber is currently expanding globally and actively trying to spread ubers reach into markets of every shape and size.

Although you do need to sign a contract to drive with Uber, it is essentially just a standard uber driver agreement.

“You’re actually an independent contractor driving with Uber, so you’re free to work for other rideshare companies if you’d like,” such as competitor Lyft. “Many drivers do just that.”